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Using Minecraft For Education

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Using Minecraft for education

Hour of Code For K-8 & Stem Implications

Minecraft and it’s uses for Stem (Computer Science) and K-8 Hour Of Code
Gaming and education usually don't intertwine with each other, but this is slowly
changing with different games coming to the market. 
Specifically using Minecraft for education.
Minecraft is one of those games, Minecraft features a large 
open source community which boosts the free forum based support to programming questions 
with Minecraft, many forums have sprouted over the years, and when one goes
down something takes its place and receives full backing of the community.
Minecraft for education is possible through server plugins or client mods
Minecraft for education is an amazing educational tool through these two use cases...
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Optifine for minecraft 1.7.x

Mod Update!

Minecraft version 1.7.x is well over two years old at this point! But that hasn’t stopped the increasing usage of this specific version, many PvP communities especially HFC Minecraft servers have remained on the 1.7.x version because of it’s pre-PvP update features. 1.7.x undoubtedly was one of the best Minecraft versions for PvPing, but that doesn’t mean you can enhance your Minecraft client to perform even better!

Optifine is one of the largest mods available, it’s hands the the most useful and most used Minecraft mod, and today we’re going to help you download the official 1.7 optifine for your Minecraft client.

First, you’re going to want to download the necessary files, head over to the official optifine website: scroll all the way down and ...

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