Using Minecraft For Education

Minecraft hour of code screenshot

Using Minecraft for education

Hour of Code For K-8 & Stem Implications

Minecraft and it’s uses for Stem (Computer Science) and K-8 Hour Of Code
Gaming and education usually don't intertwine with each other, but this is slowly
changing with different games coming to the market. 
Specifically using Minecraft for education.
Minecraft is one of those games, Minecraft features a large 
open source community which boosts the free forum based support to programming questions 
with Minecraft, many forums have sprouted over the years, and when one goes
down something takes its place and receives full backing of the community.
Minecraft for education is possible through server plugins or client mods
Minecraft for education is an amazing educational tool through these two use cases.
Minecraft natively (known as Minecraft vanilla) does not support external server side modifications.
but that's where the open source community comes in, with years of work
and hundreds of contributes over the years the community
has worked on what is known as 'Bukkit' (See here)

and that's where the educational portion of Minecraft comes into action,
with the large push towards computer programming utilizing Bukkit students that are
new to programming can learn valuable skills by making server mods for 
a game that they genuinely enjoy with a open source
friendly community to back them up.

Documentation and tutorials are filled all over Bukkit, spigot, sponge.
YouTube videos are plentiful for Bukkit specific plugin development.
The documentation (see the SpigotMC Javadocs here) is well documented.
and lastly, Java is a language that is typically seen as a good
programming language to start with. 
YouTube is also filled with dedicated channels to learning how to program (See 'thenewboston' here).

All of these aspects help promote Minecrafts educational footprint.
Kids want to learn, but they want to learn with things they love
incorporating Minecraftin the classroom with the intention of pushing
programming (stem) based goals is a phenomenal start to incorporating
Minecraft and using Minecraft for education is defiantly an amazing opportunity
to guide students to computer science and allow them to enjoy the

In the future we'll post a tutorial, but initially for parents
and educators alike a good start would be to incorporate creating simple
text based plugins with Bukkit.

Minecraft hour of code screenshot great example of using Minecraft for education

Minecraft hour of code screenshot, this shows the stem implications of using Minecraft for education and in the classroom.

Minecraft modding with forge a more complex example of minecraft plugins/mod.

Eclipse loaded with a Minecraft forge tutorial pack

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