Minecraft Texturepack LB photo realism (256×256)

LB photo realism texture pack for minecraft (256x256)

Do you like pushing the limits of what Minecraft can do? We do! and if you’re one to as well you’re in luck because the LB photo realism 256×256 Minecraft texturepack is defiantly what’ll push your Minecraft client to it’s capacity. We suggest you use Optifine when playing with LB photo realism Minecraft texturepack. This 256×256 texturepack is one of the most popular Minecraft texture pack around, it’s one of the oldest and features one of the most realistic Minecraft textures you can find in the community. It’s been supported for over 6 years! Here are some photos:

LB photo realism minecraft texturepack (256x256) logo

LB photo realism texture pack

LB photo realism minecraft water screenshot

LB photo realism screenshot of a body of water.

LB photo realism minecraft texturepack (256x256) forest example with the texturepack on

Now that we’ve concluded this Minecraft texturepacks are one of the best texturepacks around which also happens to be one of the most supported & oldest texture packs! Below are the installation instructions, they’re very simple so you shouldn’t have a problem installing it. If you happen to have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments section and the Minecraft texturepack community can provide you some support!

If you want the most realistic Minecraft texture pack LB photo realism 256×256 is defiantly the one you should get.

LB Photo Realism realism for minecraft 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 & 1.12 installation instructions:

Download URL: http://minecraftforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/LB-Photo-Realism.zip

1) Download the above Texture pack ZIP.

2) (optional) Install optifine.

3) Go to your start menu (bottom left button) and click it, type in %appdata%.

4) search for .minecraft (usually one of the first few folders).

5) In the .minecraft folder look for a folder called “resourcepacks” open it.

6) place the entire zip downloaded earlier in this folder.

7) Run Minecraft after you’ve placed the texture pack into the texturepack folder.

8) While you’re InGame select the resource pack button and then select the LB photo realism texturepack.

9) Enjoy the realism in Minecraft!

Credits: Planetminecraft original up loader

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