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Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch!

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch – Minecraft Version

May 11th is the launch date for Minecraft on the Nintedo Switch!

The Nintendo switch is about to get a little more blocky though, Mojang announced on April 13th that the Nintendo Switch Minecraft version would be coming out on May 11th 2017! The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will be available on the Nintendo eShop, similar to the Xbox live market place. It’ll include special Switch only Super Mario skins/textures! Which will only be available on the Switch. It’ll feature local multiplayer support for 4 local intranet players, and it’ll contain the exact same features as it’s other console versions. Plus the addition of the Super Mario skin/texture pack.

You can purchase Minecraft for the Nintedo switch on Nintedo’s website: http://www.nintendo...

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